Málaga, dibujos de ciudad y paisaje hasta 1850

Doctoral thesis. Public defence: 2016/01/21

Current research on landscape in historic cities must analyze their changes and evolution, covering perceptual issues that often go beyond the limits of its urban boundaries. In this sense, contemplation of the landscape over time must transcend mere nostalgia, to deepen the study as a sign of identity that must balance the social, economic and urban progress with heritage conservation. The city of Malaga has experienced major changes in its history that sometimes make it difficult to be understood and its landscape to be enjoyed. This thesis deals with the knowledge of these changes through its graphic documentary sources on a broad time period, from its first images from the sixteenth century to the advent of photography in the mid-nineteenth century. Thus, the objectives of this thesis focused first on the collection of all kinds of images, and then on assessing its documentary interest, considering its context, comparing them with each other or with present day reality.

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